More Disinformation and Anti-Imperialism of Fools

The tweet 24 hours before CW attack

Some are spreading the lie that a media source tweeted out about the attack 24 hours before it occurred. No, this tweet was not supposed to go out after the chemical weapons attack on Idlib:

Air strikes and use of chlorine gas in Hama is nothing knew, and that is all this tweet talks about covering. The Syrian Archive collects information on the chemical attacks, but has not updated to include more recent attacks on Hama with chlorine gas, Surgeon killed, dozens injured in suspected north Hama ‘chlorine gas’ attack, which the tweet is likely referring to.

SoS Tillerson says the US is organizing regime change

Again, simply false. Listen to what he says in its entirety:

According to this the policy has not changed from what it was under Obama. He states that the first goal is the defeat of ISIS, followed by stabilizing of Syria and eventually a political transition from Assad. This leaves open for wiggle room of having an “election” in which Assad takes part and is able to “win” – something John Kerry had already told Syrians was what the US wanted and follows what Tillerson said the other day.

Anti-Imperialism through support for dictators

We again see a large section of the left become far more enraged by the thought of an attack on Assad’s regime than they are by his crimes against the Syrian people or the very real US intervention in Syria, involving continual bombings and ground troops already.

What is the purpose of an anti-imperialism centered on finding excuses for a dictator’s massacres? How can there be an international socialist movement if Western socialists’ anti-imperialism is based on not believing the victims of authoritarian neo-liberal states?