An Injustice to Others is None of Our Business

After DeBoer’s post I ended up reading the Hands off Syria Coalition - Points of Unity Statement closer. One quote that really stuck out:

It is not our business to support or oppose President Assad or the Syrian government.

This statement is signed by hundreds of leftist groups, but could easily be mistaken for something on

These organizations aren’t actually right wing isolationists. You won’t find similarly callous remarks in their publications when Mubarak was overthrown. You won’t find them lamenting over why an Argentinian would take part in the overthrow of the “elected president” of Cuba.

No, there is something unique about the Assad regime* that has them coming out with such ridiculous statements. This is is one reason I argue calling them “Assadists” is a sensible term for getting the point across.

Sadly, I only now, with a closer read, notice individuals I once organized with for years, before moving away, being signatories. I know that if it wasn’t for so many left publications pushing the false narrative given by the regime itself they would not have come to be on this statement. Arguing this isn’t the case, as DeBoer’s has been doing, makes you no better than those engaging directly in publishing the propaganda.

  • Whether it is based on what they claim is anti-imperialism, a socialist economy, a stand against Israel’s expansion and occupations, etc, they are all imaginary.